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Day +100 Post-Transplant

Following every stem cell transplant, time is measured by “Day +” followed by how many days have passed. For example, Day +365 is one year later. Another important milestone is Day +100, which is when patients return to re-test and compare results against pre-transplant test results and determine the impact of the treatment.

Hear from Mackenzie what her Day +100 visit back to the Mayo Clinic was like, and how it went.

Recovering From A Transplant

Recovering from a stem cell transplant is a rough ride. The good news is it doesn’t last forever before you begin to feel better. The bad news is you’ve got a few tough days to go through.

Have a listen to Mackenzie’s experience post-transplant and her recovery.


Going Through Treatment

You’ve been diagnosed with Amyloidosis. Now what? You come to learn that there are different types of Amyloidosis and, when coupled with different organs involved and the state of the patient’s health, the course of treatment MUST be customized. There is no set roadmap.

Have a listen to Mackenzie and her course of treatment for AL Amyloidosis.

Diagnosed with Amyloidosis

What is it like to hear you have been diagnosed with a rare and incurable disease – a disease you have likely never heard of? What tests did the doctors run, and what symptoms did you have? Have a listen.


What is “re-Birthday”?

Have you ever heard the term “re-Birthday”? If not, watch this video.

Hint: everyone who has had a stem cell transplant has a re-Birthday.

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