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Expert Insights: Systemic Amyloidosis: You’ve Got to Think of IT to Diagnose IT

Dr. Mat Maurer, cardiologist at Columbia University Irving Medical Center, discusses the importance of developing a broad differential in order to diagnose this rare, potentially life-threatening, yet treatable disease. He shares a typical but unfortunate case of cardiac amyloidosis, along with statistics of misdiagnosis and delayed diagnosis. He shares his view on the appropriate process for diagnosis based on Dr. David Eddy’s 1982 New England Journal of Medicine piece “The Art of Diagnosis” and the need to create a broad enough differential in order to consider less common diseases such as systemic amyloidosis. Dr. Maurer lists common reasons for missing diagnosis of cardiac amyloidosis all clinicians should be aware of, punctuated by his concluding point … “The Key to Correct Treatment is Diagnosis, Diagnosis, and Diagnosis.” It’s simple … you cannot treat what has not been diagnosed.


This is a MUST VIEW video for clinicians who diagnose patients, regardless of sub-specialty.

Early and Accurate Diagnosis of Amyloidosis

In this video, Mackenzie Boedicker and Dr. Betsy Mencher (caregiver for her husband) share their experiences and discuss the importance of an early and accurate diagnosis of amyloidosis.

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