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The Story Behind the Amyloidosis Speakers Bureau

The story behind the Amyloidosis Speakers Bureau (ASB) is very special. In this video we hear where the original concept of patients presenting to medical students came from — Dr. Gordon Huggins of Tufts University School of Medicine. Hear how he was “auditioning” his patients to speak to his class of second year cardiovascular medical students, and then he met Charolotte Raymond. It was an experience so meaningful it inspired Charolotte to conceptualize a program whereby patients would educate medical students across the country. She partnered with Mackenzie’s Mission in 2018, where together we took her original concept and collectively developed it into the Amyloidosis Speakers Bureau. The ASB was officially founded February 1, 2019.

Why Patients Join the ASB

The heart and soul of the Amyloidosis Speakers Bureau are our patient educators. They share their authentic journey of battling amyloidosis, from symptoms to diagnosis, treatment, and life today. Their stories provide an impactful education to medical students and residents, raising awareness of this disease. As a result, these future physicians will be better prepared to suspect amyloidosis, leading to earlier diagnosis, treatment and ultimately improving patient lives.

Closing the Medical Education Gap

Lack of awareness, a gap in medical education, is among the most critical and urgent challenges facing the amyloidosis community today. Raising awareness to accelerate diagnosis, coupled with available FDA-approved treatments, leads to a significant improvement in patient lives. The Amyloidosis Speakers Bureau (ASB) brings the patient voice to medical education, complementing traditional didactic and clinical studies. Together, this narrows the education gap and results in a more robust and durable education of medical trainees, thereby accelerating diagnosis and improving patient lives.

Please WATCH this powerful message from amyloidosis experts to medical educators.


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