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FACES of Amyloidosis 2023

In celebration of Amyloidosis Awareness Month, we are excited to share our FACES of Amyloidosis 2023.

Each person in this video is affected by amyloidosis. Wanting to put a face with this disease, they also want you to know they embrace the challenge and fight for living life.

Amyloidosis is a rare and incurable disease, affecting people in different ways. It’s complexity and nature of symptoms often delays the time to diagnosis, during which the disease continues to advance. Timely diagnosis impacts the trajectory of survival and today is arguably the biggest challenge patients face, especially with more and more effective treatments available.

A huge thank you to the many that participated, for they are the true warriors.

The push to raise awareness is intensifying.

The fight to find a cure is ON.

A special thank you to Andra Day. Her song “Rise Up” and amazing voice brought these FACES to life.


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