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Expert Insights: Role of Interdisciplinary Care Teams for Amyloidosis Patients

Dr. Melissa Lyle from the Mayo Clinic offers insights into the importance of having an interdisciplinary care team across sub-specialties for amyloidosis patients. Diagnosing and treating complex diseases, such as amyloidosis, elevates the importance of alliances within the patient care team.

Expert Insights: Mastering the Art of Patient Care

Based on all the lessons she learned, coupled with the wisdom from her mentors, Dr. Michelle Kittleson from Cedars-Sinai shares a summary of her published book “Mastering the Art of Patient Care.” She reveals her tips, tricks and pearls of wisdom for caring for yourself and patients. A definite must read for those pursuing a medical career.

Patient Insights: So many medical specialists

Our patient speakers at the Amyloidosis Speakers Bureau are powerful educators and offer compelling insights. Have a listen to this brief clip from Darlene with thoughts on dealing with so many medical specialists and an expanded care team.

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