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Expert Insights: Ensuring Adequate Racial and Ethnic Representation in Amyloidosis Clinical Trials

Dr. Frederick Ruberg, cardiologist at the Boston University Amyloidosis Center, discusses the diversity of racial and ethnic occurrences of amyloidosis, and why this should parallel patient representation in clinical trials. He illustrates the persistent disparities observed by race and ethnicity and how un-recognized ATTR amyloidosis, for example, could be contributing to such differences. Adding more evidence, he shares how published clinical trials of ATTR-CM agents are insufficiently diverse. He summarizes possible solutions for improving future clinical trial participation.

Expert Insights: Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Cardiac Amyloidosis

Dr. Michelle Kittleson from Cedars-Sinai discusses the five domains defining the social determinants of health. She explores how these domains can have direct and indirect effects on the health and well being health outcomes. Her presentation looks at cardiac amyloidosis through the lens of these domains, which is important for cardiologists to understand in order to diagnose, treat, and care for patients.

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